Contact your state lawmakers. Urge them to support Equitable Energy Upgrade Acceleration Program legislation to allow Coloradans to pay as they save!

Colorado PAYS

Equitable Energy Upgrade Acceleration Program (EEUAP) is modeled on Pay As You Save® (PAYS®).1 EEUAP is a smart way to save us money, create good jobs, and build a sustainable energy system. EEUAP helps Coloradans make energy-saving investments and go solar.

Contact your state lawmakers. Urge them to support EEUAP.

Equitable Energy Upgrade Acceleration Program (EEUAP) allows electric utility customers to make energy saving home energy improvements at no upfront cost. These improvements include making homes more energy efficient and adding solar panels.

The utility pays for the upfront cost of an energy improvement. It recovers this cost by adding a charge on the customer’s monthly bill that is less than their estimated savings.

EEUAP lets you save money from day one.

The equipment belongs to the customer once the utility recovers the cost of its investment. Both homeowners and renters can participate.

Enacting EEUAP requires no tax dollars. It will add to the state’s economy by incentivizing billions of dollars of investment. EEUAP inclusive utility investments will help us clean our air. It will help families struggling to afford high energy bills. And, it will make our electric grid more resilient.

Find resources and handouts on Colorado EEUAP here.

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What are the benefits of EEUAP?

Equitable Energy Upgrade Acceleration Program will…

  • Help you go solar or make energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost. The average homeowner saves $120/year.
  • Address energy injustice by eliminating financial barriers like taking on debt. The bill will prioritize low-to-moderate income communities and renters by ensuring they are served first.
  • Generate significant local economic investment. This will come from increased demand for energy efficiency products and for solar energy. We estimate $350 million each year pumped into Colorado’s economy.
  • Lower electricity use and increase access to solar energy. This makes our electric grid more reliable and lowers costs for everyone.
  • Let us meet Colorado’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

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1 The PAYS trademark is held by the Energy Efficiency Institute of Vermont, which has never charged for its use. EEI upholds the trademark to ensure programs meet specific consumer protection standards.