Coloradans for Smart Energy Upgrades for Everyone

All Coloradans should have the choice to select smart energy upgrades through utility investments that save money and build wealth. The elements of Colorado Pay As You Save (PAYS) allows consumers to make every cost-effective energy upgrade at their homes or businesses. These upgrades are made on fair terms, without upfront cost, and without taking out a loan. The utility makes the investment, where the consumer will have a pathway to ownership for the upgrades.

The Colorado Coalition for Smart Energy Upgrades for Everyone’s focus is to support educational outreach and demonstrate public support for the establishment of PAYS’ essential elements for electric utilities in Colorado.

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Colorado Coalition for Smart Energy Upgrades for Everyone Sign-on Letter

We endorse the establishment of Pay As You Save® (PAYS®), or a program that upholds PAYS essential elements, in Colorado (1). Doing so will save families’ money, create good jobs, and build a sustainable energy system. Colorado PAYS lets people make energy improvements to their home or business at no upfront cost. They repay this investment through a charge on their utility bill. The savings from the improvement are greater than the cost of this charge. Once this investment is repaid, the customer owns the improvement. The average home-owner will save more than $100 a year with PAYS on their own energy bill.

Colorado PAYS helps address energy injustice. Families with limited income and renters will be prioritized with available funding. Financial barriers, such as the need for credit or taking on debt, are removed. Enacting Colorado PAYS requires no public funding. It will incentivize billions of dollars of clean energy investment. Expanding these energy improvements would build economic resilience in our communities and create good local jobs.

PAYS would bolster our state’s economy. Colorado PAYS would create good jobs by generating up to $350 million each year in economic development.

PAYS will make our electric system more sustainable. Energy upgrades will lower electricity use through conservation and energy efficiency measures. And, it will increase access to solar energy. This will make our electric grid more reliable and lower costs for everyone. Doing this will improve Colorado’s air quality as well.

We urge local leaders, state officials, the Public Utilities Commission, and utility partners to support Colorado Pay As You Save.


(1) A program based on PAYS® has these essential elements:
1. Fixed monthly tariff charge assigned to a location, not to an individual customer;
2. billing and payment on the utility bill with disconnection for non-payment; and
3. Independent certification that products are appropriate and savings estimates exceed payments in both the near and long terms.

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